Out Of Control Democrat Mayor Under Investigation

Photo by Joel Mott on Unsplash

(PartiallyPolitics.com) – Dolton, Illinois’ Mayor Tiffany Henyard (D) has made national headlines after being accused of using the police as a way of retaliating against businesses and wrongfully spending taxpayer money. She is currently under investigation by the Dolton Trustees and the FBI. 

On Thursday night, a majority of four trustees unanimously voted that Henyard needed to be investigated over what they have claimed is a misuse of funds. According to a FOX 32 report, Dolton Trustees have blasted the mayor for having “disgraced this entire village” and harmed their community. 

A report from earlier this week had also noted that the mayor was under investigation by the GBI as six individuals had reportedly talked to the agency about her alleged misconduct. Henyard who has been referring to herself as “Super Mayor” has insisted that she has been chosen by God. In January she had to meet with President Joe Biden and had reportedly been involved in situations that resembled a real-life “Parks and Rec” plot. However, it appears that the multiple claims against her are now catching on. 

Henyard is making $285,000 as the mayor of Dolton and the Thornton township supervisor. She has also frequently been called out by her colleagues for her questionable spending of taxpayer money. The money has reportedly been spent for her own benefit, including for first-class flights to Las Vegas and for paying beauty vendors. 

Despite her extremely large salary, she has also put forward an ordinance that would cut the salary of any non-incumbent supervisor to $25,000. 

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