Parents Declare War On Smart Phones

Photo by camilo jimenez on Unsplash

( – A town in Ireland is banning smartphones for children. Justyna Flynn, a clinical psychologist recently outlined all of the problems that are associated with smartphone usage from a young age and explained the actions that Greystones, Ireland was going to take to mitigate them.

The city is located only 45 minutes away from Dublin, and parents have decided that they are going to implement a ban on smartphones for children in elementary school. During an interview on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday Flynn talked about the association between smartphone usage and an increase in “anxiety, depression,” and other noticeable mental health issues in young children.

The mother of three who resides in Greystones has stated that so far all of the town has been supportive of the effort. The parents association for the eight schools in the town came to the decision that smartphone access would be restricted to all children until they finish elementary school because of concerns about the effect it could have on the child’s anxiety levels and the possibility that they might end up exposed to adult material.

This agreement shows unity among several groups to have children’s access to phones restricted in schools, at home, and elsewhere until the children reach middle school. Schools have also banned the usage of phones on the school grounds, but this action was going to take the restriction one step further.

Flynn further pointed out that there was no way of knowing the type of internet access their children had, and that children’s brains are not yet fully developed, which is why phones have such an effect on their mental health.

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