Pro-Palestine Supporters Take Over D.C.

Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

( – On Saturday thousands of Palestine supporters marched across Washington, D.C. in protest of the Israel- Hamas war which has resulted in massive air strikes against Gaza. Protesters gathered outside the White House called for a cease-fire and pushed for the United States to stop providing support to Israel.

The protesters started from Freedom Plaza where multiple speakers called for an end to what they referred to as a “genocide” of Palestinians in Gaza.

One of the speakers at the event was rapper Macklemore, who stated that he was “not afraid” to protest the war. As he argued many were being told that they needed to stay silent in order to keep their careers safe, but that he would not be doing this anymore. He added that he knew “enough” to be able to see that this was a genocide.

Protesters outside DC carried Palestine’s flag and used trumpets and drums as they moved across the country’s capital. Many also had signs with messages about ending U.S. support to Israel and ending the air strikes against Gaza which have resulted in over 9,000 people losing their lives.

One of the attendees, 35-year-old Mohamad Ali who traveled from Boston, Mass., to Washington for the rally called for a ceasefire and stated he was upset at seeing so many children murdered. He added that he saw “Israel as an occupying entity” that had taken the land that belonged to the Palestinian people.

Israel launched a war against Hamas, following the Palestinian militant groups’ surprise attack against Israel on Oct. 7. The attack resulted in more than 200 people being taken as hostages while 1,400 others lost their lives.

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