Red State Rules Against Pregnant Woman

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

( – Kate Cox, a pregnant woman carrying a fetus with a fatal condition has left the state of Texas in an attempt to get an abortion. Her attorneys revealed this move after the state’s Supreme Court ruled against the 31-year-old woman who had been trying for almost a week to get permission from the court to terminate her pregnancy.

Center for Reproductive Rights, the group representing Cox, who is already a mother of two, stated that following a week of legal threats and whiplash, Cox has had to leave the state in order to get the necessary healthcare outside of the state. As the organization pointed out Cox has not been able to get the permission required in order to terminate her pregnancy in Texas, despite the fact that the fetus has a fatal condition, and moving forward with the pregnancy could threaten her future fertility.

The fetus has a condition called trisomy 18, which has a high likelihood of stillbirth, and miscarriage and means that the baby that carries an extra copy of chromosome 18 has a very low survival rate.

In the lawsuit, Cox’s legal team is pointing out that several doctors have stated that continuing on with the pregnancy could actually harm both her health as well as her future fertility. However, because of the abortion ban in the state of Texas, exceptions to allow abortion only include cases where the pregnancy results in the mother’s life being at risk and not cases of fetal anomalies. Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton has pointed out that Cox has thus far not exhibited any symptoms that indicate that her life is in danger.

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