Republican Attorney General Finally Gets Vindicated

Photo by Chris Grafton on Unsplash

( – On Saturday the Texas Senate acquitted Ken Paxton, the Attorney General, on the 16 impeachment articles that he was facing. Following this decision Paxton is allowed to continue serving in his office.

Paxton had originally taken office in 2014, and since then he has faced multiple allegations of corruption. While the impeachment articles are no longer a point of concern he has other legal troubles in front of him, as there is a state trial on securities fraud against him, and he is being investigated by the FBI.

However, on Saturday Paxton was acquitted on the various allegations of corruption that the Texas House had brought forward against him in May. Throughout this time Paxton has maintained his innocence and has claimed that the case being brought forth against him was part of a political witch hunt.

Following the Senate’s decision, Pexton released a statement arguing that the “truth prevailed.”

Paxton, who is an ally of former President Donald Trump has a strong standing in conservative circles as in December 2020 he had requested for the results of four states that had voted in favor of Joe Biden to be thrown out by the Supreme Court. However, the Supreme Court tossed out the case filed by Paxton.

Following the recent victory in Paxton’s impeachment trial, Trump posted a message congratulating the Attorney General on the victory.

Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who is the Senate president and presided over the trial, noted that the process had been rushed and did not have the necessary transparency. He then pointed out that millions of dollars had been wasted during the impeachment.

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