Republican Party In Deep Trouble

Photo by Matthew Bornhorst on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday, Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee argued that the House Republican makers taking a long time to find a replacement for Kevin McCarthy was not aiding the party’s goal of winning the 2024 election and taking control of the White House and Congress.

On Tuesday in a historic vote, eight conservatives along with all Democrats voted to have McCarthy ousted from his office. Many Republican House leaders have now stated that the expected date for the House to vote on a new Speaker is Oct. 11.

McDaniel in an appearance on Fox Business questioned why there was so much infighting within the GOP and argued that this was taking away from the Republican message and efforts against President Joe Biden. This statement was similar to one that former President Donald Trump had made on Tuesday on his social media platform Truth Social where he had questioned why the Republicans were fighting themselves instead of fighting the Radical Left Democrats.

McDaniel in her statement pointed out that in one year there was a critical election and that the Republicans needed to hold the House majority while taking advantage of the Senate map in order to win back the majority in Congress. She further argued that it was possible for them to take back the White House. However, as she pointed out, instead of the news being focused on the border crisis, the fentanyl crisis, or the failure of Bidenomics they were instead filled with articles about the GOP’s infighting.

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