Republicans Zero In On Biden’s Son And Brother

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( – The Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, plans to obtain banking details from Hunter Biden and James Biden, further advancing the House’s impeachment investigation into President Biden.

Leading the impeachment inquiry, James Comer, along with Chairmen Jim Jordan (House Judiciary Committee) and Jason Smith (House Ways & Means Committee), recently updated House Speaker Kevin McCarthy about their ongoing inquiry into alleged improprieties by the president.

In a recent briefing, Comer shared with the members the discoveries made since July regarding the president’s purported role in his family’s business. He further detailed the next stages of their inquiry.

An inside source disclosed to the media that Comer intends to access bank statements of both Hunter Biden and James Biden. Furthermore, Comer plans to conduct more in-depth interviews with associates of Hunter Biden, such as Eric Schwerin and Rob Walker.

The same source hinted that the House Oversight Committee might conduct a public hearing about this investigation in the forthcoming weeks, although a witness is still to be confirmed.

Previously, the committee interviewed Devon Archer, an associate of Hunter Biden. Archer asserted that then-Vice President Joe Biden was a significant asset that Hunter presented to overseas business collaborators. He added that Biden participated in conference calls and dined with Hunter’s foreign business connections in Washington D.C.

Earlier this summer, Comer unveiled the third memo related to bank records, indicating that the Biden family and their associates had significant financial dealings with influential figures from Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan during Obama’s tenure. The revealed data suggests that the family amassed over $20 million from these engagements.

Comer has also requested documents from the National Archives concerning allegations of the Biden family’s inappropriate use of Air Force Two. Additionally, he has sought all non-redacted records wherein Biden communicated with Hunter using the alias ‘Robin Ware’.

Moreover, Comer, alongside Jordan and Smith, have engaged with informants who suggest that political biases swayed prosecutorial decisions during the extended federal inquiry into Hunter Biden. As a consequence, Attorney General Merrick Garland designated U.S. Attorney David Weiss with special counsel authority.

In related news, Comer recently asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken for details regarding abrupt foreign policy shifts during the Obama years, particularly those leading to the termination of the Ukrainian official probing Burisma Holdings, a firm where Hunter Biden served as a board member.

So far, the State Department hasn’t provided those documents.

However, the official stance from the White House is that President Biden never had any business ties with his son.

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