Schumer Attacks Major U.S. University

Senate Democrats, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) denounced the Columbia University protesters who had smashed windows and had unfurled a banner while trying to gain control of Hamilton Hall. He also slammed the pro-Palestinian protesters in New York. 

In his speech on the Senate floor, Schumer argued that it was not free speech to be destroying windows and taking over buildings on a university campus. As he argued this was lawlessness and those who were responsible needed to face the consequences promptly and not just receive a scolding. 

He continued by pointing out that it was impossible for campuses to be places of discussion, arguments, and learning when the protests were going into criminality. He added that those who are taking part in these acts are not doing anything to convince others that the cause they are fighting for is just. 

Schumer’s comments come after the protesters in Columbia had barred access to a building on the South Lawn of the campus. This resulted in university officials threatening the students who had occupied the building with expulsion. 

Columbia University in a statement argued that they had made it very clear that the University’s work could not continue to be interrupted by the protesters who were choosing to violate the rules. It added that continuing these protests was going to result in clear consequences. 

Schumer, who is the highest-ranking Jewish congressional leader, has argued that it was unacceptable to have students targeted just because they were Jewish. He added that the protests were now exhibiting verbal abuse and a general glorification of the murderous actions taken by Hamas on Oct. 7. 

Schumer also pointed out that on Nov. 29 he had made a speech on antisemitism in which he argued that there has been an increase of hate speech towards the Jews in the country. He continued by stating that this was “unacceptable.”

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