Schumer Threatens Iran

( – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., following an unclassified briefing on the war in Israel confirmed that there were Americans who had lost their lives during the Hamas attacks. The U.S. has now turned its gaze on Iran.

In a detailed statement, Schumer stated that there were Americans who had lost their lives and that while the administration had reported four deaths thus far the number of deaths would undoubtedly continue to climb. Schumer further stated that he had been in the briefing with Sasha Baker, the acting Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, and Victoria Nuland, the acting Deputy Secretary of State.

As Schumer pointed out the administration had claimed that they are keeping their eyes on Iran and that they would keep pressure on them to ensure that there is no further expansion to the conflict. There are concerns about Iran potentially using its nuclear power to support Hamas. There are also speculations that the Hamas attack was planned with the assistance of security officials in Iran who gave their approval for the attack to take place.

Schumer pointed out that he had informed Senators that they were attempting to hold a classified briefing in order to release to them all of the details that they were not able to share through the call. He added that they would continue to be in close contact with the security officials of the Biden administration and the Israeli government senior members while also continuing to monitor the ongoing situation.

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