Stephen A. Smith Erupts On Republican State

Photo by Joshua Case on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, Stephen A. Smith, a sports commentator took to X, formerly known as Twitter to blast the new immigration law in Texas. As he pointed out this law was completely “inhumane” and was disgraceful. 

During a clip from “The Stephen A. Smith Show” the ESPN host pointed out that the new law in Texas was just going to cause further division in the country. He proceeded to argue that the new law was “racist” and questioned how it was possible to be “suspected” of having entered the United States illegally. 

The law was signed by Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) giving the state the option to suspect anyone who they believed might have illegally entered the United States. Those people who are considered to have possibly entered the country illegally could be arrested and would face misdemeanor charges. There is also the possibility that they will be forced to leave the country. 

During the bill signing ceremony, Abbott pointed out that the bill was aiming to stop the wave of illegal entries into the United States, especially for those from a foreign nation that had repeat offenders. This could also potentially lead to a prison sentence of a maximum of 20 years. Under this bill, a mechanism would be put in place that would allow for illegal immigrants to be deported back to the nation that they entered the United States from. 

The law came following Sunday’s announcement by Customs and Border Protection that the bridges in Eagle Pass and El Paso would be closed as a means of addressing the surge in migrant smuggling at the southern border.

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