Toilet Paper Gets Cutting Edge New Design

Photo by Nik on Unsplash

( – Toilet paper mega-brand Charmin has announced a redesign of its toilet paper for the first time in a century. However, the change might not be what people are expecting.

According to the October 2 announcement, the Ultra Soft rolls of toilet paper are now going to have an additional perforation line. In order to allow users to have a much smoother tear the perforated line is now going to have scalloped edges. This development has taken over five years according to the company’s statement.

Rob Reinerman the vice president of Charmin revealed to FOX Business that the company was thrilled with having re-invented the square. He added that this is the first time in over a century that such a change has been made and that he could not wait to see the reaction of their customers.

He added that this is an innovation in the toilet paper industry unlike any seen before. The reason for this change? Customers were previously complaining that it was hard for them to get a clean tear when using the company’s toilet paper.

As the vice president of the company explained, the uneven tear was occurring before the straight perforations were not aligned with the direction in which the consumers were pulling the sheets or the way that the toilet paper was hung in the bathroom.

However, with the new design, users should expect to get a completely clean tear every time. The new tear will be available to clients within the month.


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