Top 2024 Candidate Calls For Destruction Of Iran

Photo by Javad Esmaeili on Unsplash

( – Republican presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has stated that the United States should be working to destroy the economy of Iran completely following the two early morning U.S. airstrikes against two sites in Syria which are controlled by Iran.

DeSantis claimed in his speech at the Heritage Foundation that the U.S. should be looking to completely tighten the financial state of Iran and ultimately destroy it. As he pointed out, if the country was not in a good financial position it would be unable to fund many terrorist groups including Hamas and Hezbollah. He added that they would also not be able to provide any aid to Russia.

DeSantis’ campaign stated that the foreign policy followed by President Joe Biden was “weak” and “solicitous” of U.S. adversaries. He further accused Biden of having enriched Iran through sanctions relief which allowed the country to fund the attack by Hamas and has provided the funds for what Russia is currently “doing in Europe.”

The GOP presidential candidate alleged that these moves had been intentional on Biden’s part and they would have “disastrous” consequences. He added that Biden needed to be doing more in order to count the growing influence of China without the Indo-Pacific.

Recently Biden has faced several attacks from GOP lawmakers who have stated that the $6 billion should never be released to Iran following the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas against Israel.

Nebraska Sen. Pete Ricketts told Newsmax that they had called for the administration to freeze the transfer early on.

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