Top Biden Official Caught Breaking The Law

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

( – A 911 call from June released by Fox News Digital shows how one called to complain about the staff of Jennifer Granholm, the Energy Secretary, who had been using their gas-powered car to block access charges for electric vehicles as they waited for the secretary to arrive in Grovetown, Georgia as part of a four day trip.

According to the recording, the staff had clogged the charge by using a gas-powered car causing chaos. The staffer in question had taken a road trip traveling between North Carolina and Tennessee. The staffers had proceeded to use their car with an internal combustion engine in order to block off an EV charger so that Granholm could use it. The charger was located outside a Walmart in the area.

One family was angered by needing to wait to use the charger that was being blocked off which is why they ended up filing a police report. The woman who made the call told the dispatcher that there was a non-electric vehicle that was blocking up the space so that someone else could use it. She added that this meant that a number of people who needed to charge their vehicles were just stuck there waiting.

She added that there was a clear sign there that informed those without electric vehicles that they were not allowed to park in that area and that only those charging were allowed to leave their cars there. The dispatcher proceeded to tell the woman that a deputy would shortly arrive at the scene to deal with the situation. However, while a police officer did respond to the scene there was no police report filed.

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