Trump Forced To Show Up In Court

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Next week, former President Donald Trump will be attending his business fraud trial in New York in person as an unrelated court filing showed. The filing related to Trump’s deposition in a different case, and a request to have it rescheduled.

On Tuesday, Trump was scheduled to appear for his deposition in the civil lawsuit against Michael Cohen, his former attorney. The deposition was set to take place only one day after the start of the business fraud trial. However, as Trump intends to attend the start of the trial, a Miami judge granted Trump’s request to have the deposition rescheduled for October 9.

In the civil lawsuit against Cohen, Trump has alleged that Cohen has broken his duty of confidentiality through his multiple media appearances.

Judge Edwin Torres in his decision noted that Trump needed to attend the New York trial for the first week in person as several strategy judgments would be made on those days. The New York business fraud case relates to the findings that Trump and his two adult sons had intentionally defrauded insurance companies and banks by inflating and deflating the value of several assets in order to get more premium deals. The trial is only going to determine the damages in this case as a judge already ruled last week that the Trump family had committed fraud. Prosecutors are seeking a penalty of $250 million for this case, as well as to have the Trump family blocked from doing business in the state again.

Cohen could be brought in as a witness in the New York case.

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