Trump Says Biden Is Surrounded By Who?

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

( – On Saturday, during a campaign speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, former President Donald Trump claimed that President Joe Biden had around him “some very bad fascists.” He proceeded to claim that Americans were trapped and that they were heading towards ruin. 

The speech was aired live on Newsmax. In it, Trump argued that there have been things occurring at a level that they had never occurred before. He claimed that there had been no wars and they had defeated ISIS during his administration. 

Following his speech Trump headed to Columbia, South Carolina for the primary election night as he is facing former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. Trump, who is leading the race by double digits chose to focus his speech on attacking Biden rather than on the primary race. 

During his speech, he claimed that a vote in support of Trump was going to be the United States “ticket back to freedom.” He added that it was the only way for them to escape from Joe Biden and that currently, they were living in hell because of how Biden threatened the country’s democracy. 

Trump has insisted that he was a “proud political dissident” and pointed out that he has now been indicted more times than Al Capone. He claimed that the indictments against him had come because they had weaponized the U.S. government, the Department of Justice, and the FBI. He then pointed out that they did not have anything similar in this country, and that this is a phenomenon that had often occurred in Third World countries. 

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