Trump’s Plan To End The Ukraine War

Photo by Max Kukurudziak on Unsplash

( – Two of former President Donald Trump’s key advisers showed him a plan that would potentially put an end to the Russian invasion of Ukraine if he wins back the White House. As part of this plan, Ukraine would be informed that the only way they would receive more U.S. weapons is if they entered peace talks. 

For Moscow, the United States would inform them that should they refuse to enter negotiations then that would result in the U.S. increasing its support for Ukraine. The plan was proposed during an interview by Trump’s national security adviser retired Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg. 

As per the plan that was created by Fred Fleitz and Kellog, both of whom had served as chief of staff in Trump’s National Security Council during his first administration, they would also call for a cease-fire during the peace negotiations. The strategy has already been presented to Trump who appears to view it favorably. 

Kellog continued by noting that while Trump has not agreed to every single word in the plan, the feedback that they have received they are happy with. 

Steven Cheung, Trump’s spokesperson however argued that only when authorized campaign members or Trump makes any statement it should be considered official. 

The plan outlined by the two is one of the most detailed plans created by any of Trump’s associates. Trump has frequently claimed that if he wins the Nov. 5 election, he is going to be putting an end to the war in Ukraine. However, he has never discussed the specifics of how he will achieve that. 

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