VIDEO: ‘Active Attacker’ Targets Elon Musk’s Tesla Factory?

Daniel Oberhaus, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Video footage was released from the moment when Tesla workers fled from an Austin, Texas factory after reports that there was an active attacker were shared online.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office Senior Public Information Officer Kristen Dark told Newsweek that they had not found anything “out of the ordinary” and that the incident had been completely resolved. As she noted the Sheriff’s office had responded to a 911 call about an active shooter being at a Tesla factory that morning. She added that they had responded by sending out a large number of law enforcement officers who then cleared the factory. The Deputies were not able to see anything out of the ordinary there as there was no gunfire sound, casualties, or anything else that would indicate that a shooter was in the facility at all.

KVUE reporter Pamela Comme stated that at 4:59 a.m. she had received an email from the Tesla Alert system which contained an advisory message from Friday that stated that there was an active attacker in the factory in Austin.

Comme then posted a video to Twitter which showed the people who were fleeing the factory while police sirens could be heard approaching the scene. Many people were shouting in the video, and the police proceeded to inform everyone that they needed to leave immediately from the site.

However, after more reporting from the scene was released it was found that there was no threat at the factory, which was swiftly reopened after being closed for that morning.


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