VIDEO: Can Doctors Separate These Conjoined Twins

Photo by Fallon Michael on Unsplash

( – Sandy and Jesse Fuller, had been surprised to find out that Sandy was not only pregnant but pregnant with twins. Only a bigger surprise was expecting them soon.

As Sandy told TODAY, four weeks after finding out that they were expecting twins, they found out that their little girls were conjoined. As she said they were completely shocked to find this out, while Sandy was 12 weeks pregnant.

Only a few days later they started to meet with a team at Texas Children’s Hospital in order to best prepare for the arrival of their two little girls. She added that in many ways them finding out so early was both a blessing and a curse, as it gave them a lot to think about.

Their next discovery included finding out that their babies were conjoined at the abdomen, which led to their livers growing, however, only time would truly show how connected the babies would be.

Sandy revealed that they were lucky, as the babies continued to grow and the only thing that they shared was the liver. She delivered her babies, Ella and Eliza at 35 weeks.

Finding out that the two were conjoined so early on meant that the team had a lot of time to prepare not only for the birth but also for the separation. Following a six-hour surgery the two twins are now separated, meaning that they are ready to start their lives on their own. The surgery also meant that the happy parents were able to hold their babies separately for the first time.


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