VIDEO: Gaetz Humiliated With ‘Twisted’ Award

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Florida Representative Matt Gaetz received a surprise award during a Republican Christmas party last week. However, the supposed prize in question which was given to Gaetz was focused on the allegations that he had paid to have intercourse with underage girls. These are accusations that Gaetz had denied in the past.

The event took place in Strongsville, Ohio last week. During the party, Gaetz, who was a guest of honor, had been given a gift by a rogue presenter. The prize related to Gaetz’s alleged activities of having used Venmo to pay for sex with underage girls.

According to The Cleveland Scene, the presenter was taken away from the stage. The footage that has been made available from the event has not managed to capture what Gaetz told the presenter who was being removed by security. However, after turning to the crowd, Gaetz reportedly smiled and thanked them. The award was given to a person off-stage.

Reportedly later in the event Gaetz had claimed that Ohio has become the Midwest’s heart which was why he was there to “celebrate with some of the activists.”

In February the Justice Department announced that they were not going to bring forward charges against Gaetz following a year-long sex-trafficking investigation that relates to his friend Joel Greenberg. Greenberg has pleaded guilty to multiple counts relating to underage girls.

In a letter, Greenberg had previously claimed that he and Gaetz had often paid for sex with different women, including one instance where the girl in question had been only 17 at the time.


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