VIDEO: School Shooter’s Controversial Clip Goes Viral

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( – A new TikTok video posted by a convicted school shooter has been going viral. In the video Jon Romano, the now-released school shooter is advocating for the prevention of school shootings. However, his video has led to many being outraged over his previous crimes and claiming that his usage of social media was distressing.

In 2004, at the age of 16, Romano opened fire at Columbia High School located in New York. The shooting resulted in one teacher being wounded while both parents and students grew fearful after the incident. Following the shooting Romano was sentenced to 20 years in prison, however, he was released from prison after serving a little more than 15 years.

Since his release in December 2020, Romano has been using TikTok to share more about his life and to make posts speaking about school shooting prevention. In the video, he claims that he is not looking to be redeemed for his past actions, but rather he just wanted to prevent any future school shootings, which was why he was using the platform to share.

Romano’s videos have gathered a lot of online attention, with many people blasting him for building a career off of his previous crime and the trauma he had caused.

One user, “You can call me Kait” who is a teacher and parent, shared her own experience as an educator and pointed out that because of Romano there would be people who would always be afraid. She further argued that Romano should not be given a platform to speak up, especially since Romano himself has stated that every time there is a school shooting his victims are re-traumatized.



Replying to @Pomplemuse my goal is not redemption – my goal is to prevent future tragedy

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