White House Too Scared of Far-Left Democrats

Photo by Tabrez Syed on Unsplash

(PartiallyPolitics.com) – On Tuesday, the White House noted their opposition to the GOP bills that are looking to restrict gas stove regulations, however, they did not state whether Biden would be vetoing the bill should it reach his office.

The two bills are up for votes on Tuesday and Wednesday, with one specifically looking to stop the Consumer Product Safety Commission from banning gas stoves, while the other is looking to implement regulations that would look to “substantially” increase their cost. The second bill is trying to block the Energy Department’s efficiency rule.

The White House issued a formal Statement of Administration Policy pointing out their opposition to both bills, however, the statement did not include any threats of vetoing the bills. Instead, it noted that the administration was not supportive of attempts that would completely ban gas stoves. They also opposed the Consumer Product Safety Commission bill which is going to limit the Commission’s ability to create science-based policies that are primarily focused on protecting the general public. Additional opposition was expressed about the bill that relates to the Energy Department, stating that it would block the American people from having the economic benefits that come with upgrading to newer more efficient appliances that are available.

The White House releasing a statement of opposition does not always mean that the legislation will be vetoed if it makes it to Biden’s desk. Previously, such a statement was also put out against a resolution to overturn a D.C. crime bill, however, Biden signed the bill after it passed through the Congress and house.

The gas stove bills are unlikely to require Biden’s signature as they will have a hard time passing through the Democrat-led Senate.

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