Woman Makes History After Dedicating Her Life To What?

Photo by Michael Weidemann on Unsplash

(PartiallyPolitics.com) – At the ripe age of 90, Melba Mebane hails from Texas and initiated her professional journey in 1949 as an “elevator girl” at Mayer & Schmidt department store located in Tyler, Texas. When Dillard’s took over the store in 1956, she remained as an unwavering figure in the sales department for an impressive 74 years. Notably, she exhibited perfect attendance throughout her tenure, never succumbing to illness or absence.

The store’s manager, James Saenz, openly expressed that Mebane played a crucial role in establishing the operational standards of the store and the level of service they aspired to offer their customers. He added that her mentoring and teachings significantly impacted numerous team members, and she has positively influenced many lives.

Saenz further explained that Mebane contributed wholeheartedly to the team, serving not merely as a salesperson but also as a life guide to them.

Sharing her thoughts with Fox News Digital, Mebane expressed her pleasure working with “wonderful ladies who appreciate good food, have a sense of humor and enjoy having fun.” This group includes Ginger Wimbs, who has been a coworker for over three decades.

Wimbs sees Mebane as a “cherished friend”, stating she has garnered a wealth of knowledge from Mebane, who has the knack for turning a small sale into a substantial one. She further highlighted that Mebane keeps the work environment lively with her humorous stories, which are truly captivating. Wimbs also mentioned that Mebane’s passion for her work and her love for people have fueled her enduring career, allowing her to encounter countless individuals.

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