Catastrophe At Border Leaves Several Dead

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

( – A driver ran over a group of people standing at a bus stop in front of Ozanam Center in Brownsville, Texas on Sunday. The local law enforcement authorities have stated that the hit does not appear to be accidental.

Ozanam Center is a shelter for migrants and homeless people in Texas. Following the collision, 7 people died at the scene, while an eighth person died on Sunday evening. The deaths were reported by Lt. Martin Sandoval on Sunday morning and Brownsville Mayor Trey Mendez on Sunday evening to Nexstar’s KVEO.

Shelter director Victor Maldonado has stated that following the reviews of the surveillance video from the shelter what they can see is that an SUV, a Range Rover specifically, ran the light and proceeded to collide with all the people sitting along the curb of the bus stop, as there is no bench. He further pointed out that the majority of the victims were Venezuelan men.

He noted that the SUV flipped after running up on the curb but continued to run for around 200 feet. Some of the people on the sidewalk around 30 feet away from those at the bus stop were also hit.

Apart from the eight people that were killed, 10 more people were transferred to the local hospitals. Sandoval added that it is possible that there are more and that other people who were transferred were taken to other hospitals in the valley. Sandoval further noted that the driver has been arrested and charged with reckless driving. He is also going to be tested for being intoxicated.

The driver was detained by local residents and has so far been very uncooperative providing different names and information to the police.

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