Meet the Partially Politics Team

It’s never been more important to fight against the mainstream media and establishment politics. The team here at Partially Politics came together with that purpose in mind. The American public needs — deserves — to be informed. We shouldn’t have to spend every day questioning whether or not what the media is telling us is true or if it’s clouded by bias an agenda.

A Patriotic Mission

We believe in the core principles that were put forth by our nation’s great founding fathers. One of those was the idea of a limited government. The larger the government, the less it serves the public interest. Over-regulation, overspending, and excess red tape do nothing for the American people but make life harder. Our elected officials need to be reminded that they were put in office to serve the public, not to bind them with ridiculous restrictions, regulations, and taxes. That’s why we spend os much time focused on politics and what is happening not just in Washington but around the country and the world. The more you know, the easier it is to fight back — especially on election day.

The Dedicated Partially Politics Team

We’re incredibly proud of the team here at Partially Politics. We’re made up of a group of proud Americans, each with an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. Our team is made up of former military members, politicians, educators, doctors, lawyers, tradesmen, and so many more. Each has a unique perspective that allows us to work together and relate to what the American public needs. We take a no-nonsense approach to reporting the news. We sift through everything we can find to bring you the best and most impactful, but as seen through an ethical lens. We research, cross-check our facts, and make sure all of our stories are stripped of bias, unnecessary commentary, or opinion. We won’t be swayed. You deserve to know what’s happening in the world, no matter who is in office. Our elected officials have an obligation to serve us — the American people — and we intend to hold them accountable by reporting their every move. You can depend on us.

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