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Thank you so much for visiting Partially Politics. We want nothing more than to spread knowledge and awareness and we hope you found what you were looking for on our pages.

The team here at Partially Politics has a mission. We aim to preserve the ideals of our founding fathers while shining a light on how far our country has strayed from the idea of a limited government. In doing so, we hope that our elected officials will be reminded of the jobs they were hired to do — especially when it comes to serving the public.

The Team at Partially Politics

We’re tired. We’re tired of political theater, deception, lies by factual omission, and the dishonest practices of those who are supposed to be protecting our great nation. The only way we can combat their twisted agendas is by fighting back with knowledge and information. We do this by publishing honest, insightful news that the average citizen can use to better understand the political sphere. Knowledge is power, and you can use yours in the voting booth, on the picket line, or when deciding where to spend your hard earned money.

An Experienced and Dedicated Team

Every member of the Partially Politics team has a different background, giving us a diverse perspective when it comes to collaborating and reporting. Some of our journalists, editors, and designers are formally trained. Others are veterans, educators, doctors, lawyers, tradesmen and more. All of them are patriots. Each one is dedicated to a brighter future, for today’s generations and those to come.

The Partially Politics Editorial Policy

We take publishing seriously and every member of our team is expected to adhere to a strict journalistic standard. You won’t find opinion or commentary on Partially Politics. We dig deep and fact-check our work. If we make a mistake, we’ll correct it and own up to it.

Contacting Partially Politics

We love to hear from our readers and encourage you to reach out at any time. Let us know your thoughts on our publication and your opinions on what’s happening in the world around us. Have an idea? Send it our way. See a mistake? Let us know and we’ll fix it.

The team takes every message seriously. We’ll read them all, respond where appropriate, and do everything we can to maintain your trust. All you have to do to reach us is reply to one of our newsletters or send a direct message.

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