Migrants Take Over Youth Soccer Game

Photo by Vikram TKV on Unsplash

(PartiallyPolitics.com) – In East Harlem, N.Y., a youth soccer game had to be canceled after numerous migrants had refused to leave the field. 

The New York Post was the first to report on April 14 that around 40 players from the FA Euro New York and the Manhattan Kickers were scheduled to have a game in the afternoon at Thomas Jefferson Park. The game however was not able to proceed as 30 men who appeared to be African migrants refused to leave the field. The police were also called on sight, but the migrants still did not cooperate. 

The Kickers’ coach Erik Johansson stated that he had asked them directly to leave and some of them had even considered doing so. However, as he claimed there were around four or five of them who had refused to leave and had just stated that they could do whatever they wanted.

After their arrival, the police asked the soccer club if they had a permit to use the field. However, it took Johansson’s assistant coach around half an hour to access the permit, during which time the tensions had continued to rise to the point that the two teams considered the environment to be unsafe. 

Johannson continued by saying that normally when two teams in uniforms with their coaches show up no one calls for them to show their permit. He added that even if they ended up playing the game they could never know if the group would be waiting for them, which is why they decided that the situation was too dangerous and agreed that they should cancel the game.

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