Biden Officially Bans Gas Appliances?

Photo by KWON JUNHO on Unsplash

( – The Department of Energy announced on Wednesday that the Biden administration has issued new regulations prohibiting the use of natural gas in new and significantly remodeled federal buildings. This initiative is part of the Clean Energy for New Federal Buildings and Major Renovations of Federal Buildings Rule, which seeks to lower pollution levels, enhance air quality, and generate well-paying jobs, among other advantages.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm emphasized the administration’s commitment to sustainability, stating, “The Biden-Harris administration is practicing what we preach. Just as we are assisting households and businesses nationwide to save money through energy efficiency, we are applying the same principles to our federal buildings.”

White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair Brenda Mallory highlighted the broader implications of the rule: “President Biden has instructed the federal government to set an example by converting its vast array of over 300,000 buildings into models of energy efficiency and climate resilience. This transformation will result in cleaner air and safer communities throughout the nation.”

Under the new regulations, federal agencies are required to gradually eliminate fossil fuels in new and remodeled federal buildings by 2025, with a complete cessation of onsite fossil fuel usage in new projects by 2030.

Mallory added, “Today’s action supports the federal government in reaching President Biden’s ambitious sustainability targets, while also fostering job creation, reducing costs for taxpayers, and enhancing the health and resilience of our communities.”

This federal rule follows similar restrictions already implemented in cities like New York and Los Angeles, which prohibit gas appliances in new residential constructions.

These developments contrast with earlier statements from the Biden administration, including a 2023 remark by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre that the president did not support a ban on gas stoves, noting that the Consumer Product Safety Commission had no plans to impose such a ban.

According to the Department of Energy, the new mandate is expected to cut carbon emissions from federal buildings by 2 million metric tons over the next 30 years, equivalent to the annual emissions of about 310,000 homes.

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