Barr’s Controversial Warning To Voters

The United States Department of Justice, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Friday, former Attorney General Bill Barr told CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins that there was a possibility that people would take former President Donald Trump’s rhetoric “too literally” and argued that Trump would not carry out serious actions against all those he had threatened. 

Collins had specifically asked Barr whether he remembered how Trump had stated previously that the person who had leaked the information about him going to a bunker during the George Floyd protests needed to be executed. Barr stated that he remembered that this remark by Trump had made him very mad, but argued that he could not remember the former President specifically saying “executing.” However, he added that he would not dispute that this is the statement that had been said, as Trump often loses his temper and makes such statements. Still, he argued that Trump is unlikely to have carried something like this out.

Collins had proceeded to question whether Trump would make such statements on other occasions. In response, Barr stated that he believed that people were taking Trump and his threats too literally and that on occasions the President would make statements like that but it was just because he wanted to “blow off steam.” He added that he would not take Trump seriously every time he said something like that and that ultimately these threats would not be carried out. 

The reported remarks by Trump about executing the person who had leaked the information were not the only time that the former President was caught arguing that someone needed to die. 

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