Republican Governor Caught in Major Cover Up

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

( – On Monday Democratic Senator Roland Gutierrez stated that there had been very little information about the Texas Mall shooting, which resulted in eight deaths so far, and seven others being injured. He proceeded to accuse Texas Governor Greg Abbott of having told law enforcement officials to try and keep the case quiet.

In a press conference, the Democratic senator pointed out that following the Uvalde shooting there has been an increase in shootings across the nation. He added that in most of these cases, law enforcement officials will within hours release the information of who died and who was the perpetrator, including what their motivation was. However, he pointed out that this is not the case in Texas, and it is all because of Abbott in his office choosing that people should not be able to see what is going on. He proceeded to accuse Abbot of telling police officers that they were “in control” and that they needed to “keep it quiet.”

The shooting in Texas took place on Saturday afternoon in a shopping mall in Allen, a Dallas Suburb. The authorities have identified the shooter as Mauricio Garcia, 33, but have not yet released any of the names of the victims, who included children. According to the reports Garcia is suspected of supporting white supremacist ideology, however, his motive has not yet been determined.

Jorge Vasquez, a spokesperson for Gutierrez’s office, pointed out that in all other cases outside of Texas, information about the shootings was more readily available, but that in Texas that was not the case.

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