Senate GOP Believe In Trump

Photo by MIKE STOLL on Unsplash

( – Senate Republicans believe that former President Donald Trump is very likely to become the 2024 GOP nominee despite all the legal troubles he is currently facing.

On March 30, former President Trump became the first U.S. President, either sitting or former, to face criminal charges after he was indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg on 34 felony counts. Despite these legal woes though Trump has managed to double his lead in most of the hypothetical 2024 GOP primary polls.

A RealClearPolitics national poll analysis showed that Trump’s had an average 16-point lead against DeSantis on March 30, currently, that lead has grown to an average of close to 30 points.

Apart from his current leading position in the polls, Trump has also managed to snatch many key endorsements in Congress, including that of National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair Steve Daines, R-Mont. Trump has in fact managed to get 11 endorsements from Senate Republicans, while DeSantis who has not yet officially joined the presidential race has not managed to gain the support of the Senate.

One Republican senator told the Hill that they believed Trump winning the nomination was “inevitable.” They added that they would be surprised if someone else managed to be the nominee, especially with his current poll numbers and endorsements by people like Daines. The senator requested anonymity in order to make these statements.

Another Republican senator who chose to remain anonymous told the Hill that Trump was the favorite in the GOP primary and that Daines’ endorsement creates a pathway for him to win back the support of the Senate.

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