Angry MSNBC Host Calls His Own Viewers Stupid

US Department of Labor, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Thursday’s “Morning Joe” MSNBC host Joe Scarborough argued that the outrage for the pro-Palestine demonstrations across U.S. college campuses is actually aiding the presidential election chances of former President Donald Trump. 

In his commentary, Scarborough made a comparison between the 1960s anti-war movement protests and the current protests. As he stated he remembered talking with his parents and asking what was happening in the US. He then noted that as his parents had grown up in rural Georgia during the Great Depression they found it a bit hard hearing that rich kids across the country were taking over university campuses.

The host argued that the outrage caused by the demonstrations is actually helpful to conservatives in America, as it is aiding the election chances of the former President. He continued by noting that he was just trying to help people who were offended by this as he did not want to see Trump return to the White House. He added that this was why he was attempting to help and for people who were “too stupid” to understand that they could change to a different channel. 

The demonstrations broke out in connection to Israel’s ongoing attack on Gaza, which has resulted in tens of thousands of Palestinians losing their lives. 

Trump has previously argued that the protesters in this case have been treated more gently than those who had taken part in the Capitol attack on Jan. 6, 2021. He also unfoundedly claimed that those protesters at Columbia University had been “paid agitators” and argued that it was great seeing the police interfere.

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