Democrats Want To Redraw Congressional Map?

Photo by Jorge Alcala on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, Elias Law Group, a progressive elections firm asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to consider implementing a new congressional map following last month’s ruling by the state’s Supreme Court which had tossed out the legislative maps the state had previously used.

In a 4-3 liberal majority, the Democrats had scored a major win with the state’s highest court calling for new lines to be drawn. This decision came only months before the Aug. 13, state primary, and it is particularly important as Wisconsin is an important battleground state in the upcoming election.

Last month, the Wisconsin court had written that as illustrated by the Johnson litigation, “least change” was not feasible in practice. This was why they had overruled the “Johnson I, Johnson II, and Johnson III” portions that had required that the least amount of changes possible be made to the map.

In the filing on Tuesday, lawyers stated that the current map does not have any basis in the redistricting law or precedent of the city. They further argued that the congressional map currently included serious partisan unfairness. This is why they were using the Wisconsin Supreme Court to allow both parties to send in proposals for new congressional maps that were going to be considered.

Abha Khanna, a partner at Elias Law Group has argued that the process for a new map to be adopted needed to be immediately resumed and that the current congressional map did not have any basis in Wisconsin’s law or precedent.

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