Iran Humiliates America Like Never Before

Photo by sina drakhshani on Unsplash

( – David Friedman, the former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, discussed during a recent appearance on “FOX & Friends” the recent move to have Iran become the U.N. Human Rights Council Social Forum chair while the Israel-Hamas war continues.

Friedman referred to this move as a great “insult” against the United States and argued that when it came to Iran, the U.S. had lost all of its dignity. As he pointed out since the start of the war, Iran has attacked the U.S. 28 times. He added that the U.S. had not really responded and that the only thing they had really done was send some “missiles over empty warehouses.”

Friedman also criticized Iran for having an “atrocious” human rights record, especially when considering that recently two young women had been brought into custody for failing to properly cover their faces. He also pointed out that Mahsa Amini had died a couple of days later from her injuries, while Armita Garawand was in a coma for months before passing away from her wounds.

Iran also tends to shoot protesters in the streets and even execute dissenters and yet the U.S. has given the Iranian foreign minister safe passage to the United States. Friedman pointed out that this man stands in front of the United Nations and gives a lecture to Israel and the United States after becoming the head of the Human Rights Council. As he pointed out, this was “outrageous.”

He further pointed out that during the Trump administration, they had decided to leave the Human Rights Council because they “could not dignify that entity” by belonging to the Council. However, the Biden administration has agreed to return to the council which is currently being chaired by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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