Republicans Sabotage Their Own Leader

Photo by Pete Alexopoulos on Unsplash

( – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) slammed the GOP-led Texas House on Saturday for voting to impeach him, claiming that the plot to impeach him was a “politically motivated sham.”

Paxton took to Twitter to state that what had unfolded in the Texas House on Saturday was an “ugly spectacle.” He further argued that the “outrageous impeachment plot against” him was neither “fair” nor “just.”

The Texas House voted 121-23 to impeach Paxton following a months long investigation. Paxton is currently suspended from office as he awaits his trial in the Senate on multiple allegations, including bribery, dereliction of duty, unfitness for office, and abuse of public trust. The state Attorney General has claimed that throughout this process his office had repeatedly attempted to present evidence that would have disproved many of the allegations the House has investigated, but that the House had refused to look at any evidence that went against their preferred result.

He added that what had happened that day was not only about him but also about “the corrupt establishment” who was trying to “overpower the millions of Texas voters” who had decided to reelect him. He further expressed gratitude for all those who had supported him. He noted that he was fully confident that the Texas Senate was going to provide a resolution to this case that is both fair and just.

Paxton was reelected in 2018 and 2022, despite the criminal indictment for securities fraud he has faced since 2015 which relates to his actions before taking office.

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