State Adopts New ‘Non-Racist’ Flag

Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash

( – The state of Minnesota is planning to adopt a new official flag this spring which is going to be a reflection of the state’s motto. This will replace the old state flag that included the depiction of a Native American and had been criticized by many for being racist.

State officials created a committee that allowed community members to submit their entries for possible designs. They then proceeded to vote on the options and ended up adopting a new flag in December. The new flag which will be introduced in Spring is going to include two blue shapes and a white star. The light blue shape on the right of the map is going to symbolize the waters in the state, as there are over 10,000 Lakes, while the dark blue shape on the left resembles the state itself. The eight-pointed North Star is also going to be depicted on the flag.

The new flag is likely to be approved by the Legislature and will become the official state flag on May 11. A new state seal has also been designed. Minnesota is not the first state to be redesigning its flag, with Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Illinois, and Utah all having made a similar move.

The committee selected the new design from over 2,600 proposals submitted by the public. The committee chose the base design from 24-year-old Andrew Prekker of Luverne. There were some changes made to the selected design with the replacement of the original white, green, and light blue stripes signifying the field, with a light blue field.

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