Top Poet Reject Biden’s Invitation

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

( – Rupi Kaur, a bestselling poet shared on Monday that she would not be accepting the invitation from the Biden administration to attend the Diwali event at the White House. In her comments about her refusal to attend, she noted that she was not going to accept the invitation because of the support given by the United States to Israel.

In 2014, Rupi Kaur self-published milk and honey, a poetry collection. Since then, she has published two more collections, one in 2017 called the sun and her flowers, and a 2020 collection called homebody. Both of the collections became instant global bestsellers after their publication. Since it was published Kaur’s milk and honey has been sold more times than Homer’s Odyssey which previously was the best-selling poetry of all time, according to the poet’s website. In 2022, Kaur published Healing Through Words, a collection of guided writing exercises.

Kaur who has over the past decade grown her platform, has been using it to express her outrage over the United States’ support of Israel in the Israel-Palestine war. The war broke out after Hamas, a Palestinian militant group, launched a surprise attack against Israel on October 7. Following this attack, Israel responded by the heaviest-ever airstrikes on Gaza.

On Monday the Gaza Health Ministry reported that more than 10,000 Palestinians have been killed as a result of the conflict. Israeli officials also reported that the Hamas attack resulted in the deaths of over 1,400 people, while hundreds of others were taken hostage.

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