Trump Officially The 2024 GOP Nominee?

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – A proposal currently under consideration by the Republican National Committee (RNC) could potentially designate former President Trump as the favored candidate for the 2024 presidential nomination within the party.

Reported initially by The Dispatch, the proposal was introduced by David Bossie, a Maryland representative within the RNC. The essence of Bossie’s proposal is to acknowledge Trump as the “presumptive nominee” for the 2024 presidential race, thus positioning the RNC to commence preparations for the general election, while welcoming the support of individuals from all candidate camps into what is referred to as “Team Trump 2024.”

Despite the early stage of the nomination process, with Trump having secured 32 delegates of the 1,215 required for nomination, his recent victories in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, coupled with favorable polling in upcoming states, have bolstered his position as the leading candidate.

The RNC has clarified that such proposals are typically initiated by its members, not by the chairperson, in this case, Ronna McDaniel. Keith Schipper, an RNC spokesperson, detailed the procedure, stating that the proposal would be reviewed by the Resolutions Committee before potentially being presented for a vote among the 168 RNC members during their annual meeting, which is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas next week.

The draft resolution, closely associated with Trump supporter David Bossie, points to Trump’s recent electoral successes as evidence of his inevitable nomination, dismissing the viability of any other candidate’s pathway to the 2024 Republican nomination.

Following Trump’s win in New Hampshire, McDaniel expressed her belief in the lack of a viable path for Nikki Haley, former U.N. Ambassador, especially after several prominent candidates withdrew, leaving Haley as Trump’s primary opponent.

McDaniel emphasized the importance of rallying behind the eventual nominee, predicted to be Trump, to ensure victory over Joe Biden. Conversely, Haley’s campaign has countered this narrative, emphasizing the ongoing nature of the race and asserting that the nominee should be decided by the party’s voters nationwide, not by insiders in Washington, D.C., in response to the discussions surrounding her campaign’s momentum post-New Hampshire.

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