Trump Shares Grim Message About America’s Future

Photo by Luke Michael on Unsplash

( – Former President Donald Trump, who won the Iowa caucuses in a landslide victory, told an audience in New Hampshire a day later that President Joe Biden had taken the American dream away.

During his speech at the Atkinson Resort & Country Club in Atkinson, New Hampshire, Trump started his New Hampshire campaign by making a big comparison between the differences between the first Trump administration and the current situation.

Trump asked the crowd rhetorically when the last time they had heard the phrase “American dream” had been. He added that the term had been one that they had not heard in a long time because currently there was no American dream, the only thing that actually existed was survival.

Trump claimed that the country was currently run by “fools” and that it was an embarrassment as seen by the issue at the southern border. He then pointed out that Iowa caucus goers had shown clearly how important immigration and border issues were, and how they were more important than even the economy.

Trump proceeded to tell the crowd that if he wins back the White House he is going to strengthen the U.S. border, and reminded them that during his administration they had the safest border in history, while now they have the most unsafe. He added that the U.S. border had never before been like this and that he would be taking action to fix it.

Trump then accused Biden of having destroyed the border and argued that if the border had remained how it was under Trump then it would be the safest border.

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