U.S. Relations With Taiwan Get Worse

Photo by Moralis Tsai on Unsplash

(PartiallyPolitics.com) – The State Department has called the decision of Nauru to cut off ties to Taiwan “disappointing.” This decision has resulted in Taiwan being recognized as an independent nation by 11 countries and Vatican City. However, China has continued to maintain that Taiwan belongs to its territory and has continually offered developmental aid packages to countries that change their allegiances.

In a statement by Matthew Miller, the spokesperson of the State Department it was noted that Taiwan is a democratic and reliable partner and that the People’s Republic of China would often promise benefits for diplomatic relations however thus far, most of those promises have remained unfulfilled. He added that they would encourage all countries to pursue further relations with Taiwan and to continue supporting democracy and the rule of law.

The United States does not officially recognize Taiwan as a nation, still, the country continues to have unofficial relations and has supported the island against China.

In a statement, The Chinese Foreign Ministry supported Nauru’s decision to shift its diplomatic alliance, pointing out that this move would help the country develop further. It added that the decision to reestablish relations with China further shows that the one-China policy is supported by the majority of global opinions and that it is in line with the history of the region.

The decision came shortly after the election in Taiwan where the ruling party won reelection. In the past, Vice President Lai Ching-te, who goes by William, has often opposed China and managed to win his reelection by campaigning for Taiwanese nationalism.

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