74 Illegals Caught Living Where?

Photo by Emily Xie on Unsplash

(PartiallyPolitics.com) – In a New York City furniture store basement and first floor, dozens of Western Africa migrants had been found living in cramped conditions. To be allowed to sleep in the location the owner was charging them $300 and the people there had to sleep in shifts. 

Around 74 migrants had been living in the two-story furniture store located in Richmond Hills, Queens. The owner Ebou Sarr had told Fox 5 New York that on Monday officials had visited the premises and had called for all the men there to leave. 

Sarr is now facing two violations as officials determined that there were illegal plumbing works that had been recently completed without the necessary permits. The other violation was for having occupied a building contrary to the records of the city. It was further pointed out that the location did not have enough space, ventilation, or natural light to accommodate the people who slept there. 

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) called for the first floor and basement to be completely vacated because of the overcrowding. A video taken from within the building showed the African men in a white room that was full of beds. The room had a low ceiling and limited walking room as beds ran on either side of the room. 

Another video showed another room full of bunk beds. The owner claimed that because it was a big space they had used bunk beds, twin bunk beds, and queen bunk beds to make sure that everyone could have the space to fit and the space they needed to pray. 

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