Wealthy Americans Ordered To Buy Homes For The Homeless?

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

(PartiallyPolitics.com) – On Monday, Mayor of Los Angeles Karen Bass in her State of the City pleaded for the wealthy to assist with funding housing to tackle the homeless crisis. In her remarks, she argued that they were not looking to hide but rather to house people. These remarks were made as the city is struggling to house more than 40,000 homeless people. 

Bass in her messaging noted that currently, the street crisis was nothing short of a “disaster.” She continued by pointing out the success of her signature Inside Safe program which had helped provide temporary shelter to over 21,000 homeless people. She also insisted that this “system” and “strategy” of having people moved into temporary shelters was going to help lead to the end of the homelessness crisis in the city. 

Bass, who acknowledged how costly this endeavor is, asked the wealthy if they could assist in “speeding up” the process of purchasing housing for the homeless. As she argued recently, they were looking to move beyond nightly rentals and were calling for the participation of the most fortunate in the city to assist in the acquisition of properties and to help them with lowering the capital cost and speeding up the process. 

As she argued this was the mission of LA4LA, their new capital campaign. The homeless crisis has affected everyone as it is leading to safety issues. Bass also pointed out that it is costing city resources while also causing problems for both businesses and customers.

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