Biden Impresses House Speaker Johnson

Office of Speaker Mike Johnson, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – During the annual luncheon ahead of Saint Patrick’s Day which was attended by Irish officials as well as President Joe Biden and House Speaker Mike Johnson the two had an interesting interaction as Johnson appeared to clap when Biden made reference to providing aid to Ukraine. 

The luncheon took place on Friday, but Johnson had shown earlier this week that he was planning on finding a way for the House to provide aid to Ukraine. 

Still, Johnson has also signaled that they first needed to fully fund the rest of the government before they could provide aid to Ukraine. This week the Speaker has faced a lot of pressure about funding for the war-torn country, especially as Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk argued that a military aid package could alter “the fate of millions.” 

Biden argued that he was very grateful for the support that Ireland has provided for humanitarian aid in both Ukraine and Gaza. He added that he was committed to the United States doing their part and that he believed that many Congress members were also willing to do what was required. He then stated that he urged every member of the room to take a stand against Russian President Vladimir Putin who he referred to as a “thug.” 

Johnson told The Hill that they were examining all possible ways of addressing this issue but that they were not yet in a position to make a pronouncement yet regarding Ukrainian aid that would not be associated with the border.

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