Biden Puts U.S. Troops In Danger In Gaza

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

( – During the State of the Union address, President Joe Biden had promised that they would be building a humanitarian pier for Gaza, however, experts have opposed this move arguing that while it might have good intentions it would effectively make it easier for American troops in the area to be targeted by terrorists. 

Retired Marine Corps Gen. Paul Kennedy argued that while the creation of a humanitarian pier was a “worthy goal” it would place Gaza aid over American troop security. He added that it would also potentially lead to extensive criticism of the White House and Biden’s Pentagon.

As Kennedy told The Washington Post, if that area is targeted by a bomb, then the first thing that the American public is going to ask is, what were American troops doing in that area in the first place? 

Biden has previously stated that they are planning on building a pier on the Gaza Strip’s sea side, while at the same time arguing that no American troops would be put into the Israel-Hamas war. However, the issue with that claim is that in order for the humanitarian pier to be constructed, American troops would need to be put in the region. This is something that many of Biden’s critics pointed out both after and before the State of the Union. 

Experts had told The Post that Biden was not only misguided in constructing the pier but that he had also effectively announced the plans that would turn those troops into high-profile targets in the region. As they argued particularly, Hezbollah and Hamas would be likely to target the troops. 

White House National Security Council John Kirby has noted that they are aware that there were no missions such as this one that were risk-free, especially when it relates to a war zone like Gaza. However, he noted that no American troops would be placed on the ground and that they would do everything possible to ensure the safety of troops. 

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