Biden’s IRS Hit With New Restriction

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

( – The select subcommittee on the weaponization of the government has stated that following pressure the IRS was going to roll back its unannounced visits.

The House Judiciary Committee’s select committee stated in their recent report that the oversight revealed the pressure they had put on the IRS meant that the agency would no longer be weaponizing their unannounced visits in order to intimidate U.S. taxpayers. He added that taxpayers could now feel relief in knowing that there was no chance that the IRS would arrive unannounced at their door without giving them any prior notice.

IRS criminal investigations special agents were not going to be affected by the change in the policy. The 22-page report also pointed out two instances where the IRS has been accused of abusing the previous policy, including one case where a tax agent had allegedly entered a home using a false pretense.

According to that report, the IRS agent had introduced himself to a taxpayer in Ohio as “Bill Haus.” The visit had been made in April of this year. After the woman allowed him instead, he told her that she owed a large amount of money on her estate. However, before this visit, the woman had not received anything from the IRS about an outstanding balance on the estate.

The report noted that the taxpayer then showed the man documents disputing his claims. This was when “Haus” had revealed that the visit was not about the estate but rather because of some alleged “delinquent tax return filings.”

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