Biden’s White House Loses It On House Republicans

Photo by Michael Schofield on Unsplash

( – On Friday, the White House blasted the House for passing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), claiming that the Republican majority has completely taken over the annual defense spending bill by introducing a number of conservative amendments.

The NDAA is focused on the 2024 fiscal year which is starting in October. It passed through the House in a 219-210 vote with four Democrats voting in favor of the bill, and four Republicans voting against it. As part of the $886 billion bill, the House Republicans included several limitations on transgender and abortion issues, while also introducing a 5.2% pay increase for all service members.

Andrew Bates, the deputy White House press secretary, stated that the American military service members and their families should not be held “hostage” because of a political agenda that is disrespectful to service members and undermines the country’s national security.

Part of the amendments introduced by the Republicans included a provision that would completely get rid of a Pentagon police force that allowed service members to get time off and compensation for needing to travel to a state other than the one they are stationed in so as to receive an abortion. It also blocks the military from providing healthcare coverage for those who want to go through hormone therapies or have gender transition surgery.

Republicans have also included language that would block the Pentagon and military from following an executive order signed by President Joe Biden that relates to climate change. However, the most important change relates to the amendments that would block funding sent to Ukraine in support of its military efforts against Russia.

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