Dead Boeing Whistleblower Found With What?

Photo by John McArthur on Unsplash

( – Last Saturday, law enforcement officers announced that the Boeing whistleblower had been discovered dead in his car outside a hotel in South Carolina. The man had been found with a piece of paper that looked like a note and a “silver handgun.” 

The Charleston Police Department claimed that they were still looking into the discovery of John Barnett who had been found with a single gunshot to the head. In a statement, police argued that they were aware of the global attention of this case and that they were focused on ensuring that the investigation would not be influenced by speculation but that instead, the focus would be on evidence. 

The 62-year-old man had died from a “self-inflicted” wound, however, sources close to Barnett have argued that he had not committed suicide. A close family friend had argued that Barnett had concerns about his safety and that he had even gone as far as to say that if anything had ended up happening to him it was not suicide. 

The person stated that there was no way Barnett would have committed suicide and that he had loved life and his brothers too much. They added that Barnett would not have made his family go through this pain. 

Barnett had been in South Carolina where he was finishing his deposition in a retaliation lawsuit against Boeing. Barnett, who retired in 2017 had worked as a quality control manager in the company for more than 32 years and was considered a whistleblower in the case. 

Barnett’s attorneys have stated that during the making of the 787 Dreamliner, he had learned of some safety concerns regarding the aircraft which had caused him to face retaliation and be faced with a hostile work environment.

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