Democrat City Lawmakers Breaking Their Own Rules

Photo by jacob Licht on Unsplash

( – Tania Fernandes Anderson, a city councilor from Boston, reportedly has the worst absence record from City Council meetings, despite the fact that she has been pushing for public officials to be more accountable. 

The Boston Herald reported that Fernandes Anderson had stated that the city councilors’ responsibilities are essential to the city’s governance and that their role impacts the lives of the community. She has also argued that it is important for them to establish metrics that will be used for assessing whether or not they are fulfilling their duties. She added that this would include certain measurable criteria as well as focusing on how responsive they are to constituent inquiries, and their attendance of hearings and meetings. 

However, despite these claims, the report has shown that Fernandes Anderson has had seven absences during the City Council’s regular meetings since she first took office in January 2022. According to the meeting minutes which are publicly posted this means that she is at the bottom for track attendance. 

The Boston city councilor has argued that absences would be one of the metrics that could be used to track the actions of public officials. She has also claimed that accountability metrics would help provide valuable insights into governance mechanisms and highlight certain improvement areas. 

According to the report Fernandes Anderson has also missed a number of votes that related to public safety, including missing a vote to reject three $850,000 grants for the Boston Regional Intelligence Center.

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