Firemen Punished For Booing Letitia James?

Photo by Connor Betts on Unsplash

( – The FDNY spokesman Jim Long has responded to the assertion that they were “hunting” down those staffers and firefighters that had previously booed Letitia James, the New York General Attorney. Last week during a ceremony those members shouted “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

As Long told Fox News Digital all the department was doing was investigating those who had broken the regulations of the department. He added that this is not related to politics but rather it is completely related to professionalism during an official event that had taken place within a house of worship. 

The New York Post was the first to put out reports about an email that John Hodgens, the FDNY Chief of Department, had allegedly sent to the department about the FDNY’s Bureau of Investigation and Trials launching an investigation into the incident. In the email, it was noted that they were going to find all of the members that had been involved in this. 

In the email, Hodges had recommended that all those involved would come forward on their own as this would be significantly better for them since they would not need to “hunt them down.” 

James had been booed as she walked up to the podium in a ceremony that was meant to open Rev. Pamela Holmes, the first African American woman chaplain of the FDNY. James proceeded to tell the crowd that they needed to quiet down because they were in a house of worship. She then thanked them for having taken it all out of their system.

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