GOP Struggling To Move On From Reagan Policies To Trump

Series: Reagan White House Photographs, 1/20/1981 - 1/20/1989Collection: White House Photographic Collection, 1/20/1981 - 1/20/1989, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – The Republican Party is struggling with how to handle its foreign policy after the emergence of former President Donald Trump’s “America First” approach which moved away from the approach followed by the party under former President Reagan. Several of the party’s conservatives were pushing for a return to the more assertive foreign policy that the party had previously been known for. 

The Republicans who are still identifying with the policies followed by Reagan are having an identity crisis as they have long been fans of the aggressive confrontations the former president had during the Cold War with the Soviet Union. 

Republicans for Ukraine head of strategy John Conway argued that the party today would be unrecognizable to Reagan. His group is pushing Republican lawmakers in Washington to provide further military assistance to Ukraine. 

As he pointed out it was “disgusting” that there were elements in the GOP that were  “openly pro-Putin.” He further argued that Reagan would not be able to believe that this was what his party had come to and that he would find the Republican party disgusting. 

The Republican divide regarding the handling of the war between Russia and Ukraine has caused trouble on Capitol Hill as Congress appears to be at an impasse over whether or not they should provide further aid to Ukraine. The Senate has already passed a bipartisan bill that would provide $60 billion in foreign aid to Ukraine. However, this bill has been opposed not only by former President Donald Trump but also by the House Republican leaders who were against considering this bill.

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