Governor Breaks Silence On Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Photo by Irina Sitnikova on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday, Maryland’s Governor, Wes Moore, a Democrat, emphasized the necessity of thorough accountability in response to the tragic collapse of the Francis Key Scott Bridge in Baltimore, which resulted in six presumed fatalities. Speaking on CNN, Moore advocated for an exhaustive investigation to determine the sequence of events leading to the disaster, including the reasons behind the power loss and steering failure of the involved ship, as well as evaluating the adequacy of the state’s infrastructure in safeguarding its residents.

The incident occurred early Tuesday when a cargo ship collided with a bridge pillar after reportedly experiencing a power outage, leading to the bridge’s collapse into the water below. Governor Moore mentioned that the probe into the cause of the power loss is still in its early stages, and he committed to seeing the investigation through to its conclusion.

Amid ongoing search and rescue operations in the cold weather, Governor Moore has personally engaged with the relatives of the missing individuals, offering prayers and support.

Echoing Moore’s call for accountability, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, also on CNN, insisted that any private entities found liable would face consequences. He highlighted the government’s resolve to eliminate all barriers—be they physical, financial, or bureaucratic—to address the situation comprehensively, which includes potential collaboration with Congress.

President Joe Biden, aligning with this approach, has pledged federal funds for the bridge’s repair and expressed his intention to visit the collapse site, reaffirming the commitment made alongside Governor Moore to tackle the crisis proactively.

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